Garden project update

Thankfully I have managed a few sessions on my garden project despite at one time looking like the rain and storms were never going to stop.

I was also fortunately able to salvage the 6”x1” boards to form the raised beds and edging to the flower beds, although I had to barter a few jars of honey they were a great find. They were already painted black on one face so once fitted into place a quick covering of some black stain to even them up. I would have preferred the timber to be natural with no treatment, but with salvage you have to take what you get.

Raised beds

previous photo before latest sessions

previous photo before latest sessions

I was also able to squeeze three raised beds out of the space and plan to grow Kale and some Broccoli in the bottom two beds. I intend to grow a few different things in the larget bed, at the moment it stands at Swiss Chard, perhaps some Spinach and Beetroot but I am not totally sure yet. In the cold frame in the rear garden, I have started the Kale, Broccoli and Swiss Chard so things are moving forward. I will have to add some fertilizer to the beds, although the soil looks reasonable it will be depleated from the hedge. I may have to invest in some bought organic compost or following a bit of bartering I know of a mountain of horse manure.

The stone path was formed from the rubble that makes up the low wall running along the fence line. I don’t know where this rubble comes from but has been on site a long time. It is demolition rubble and some of it is dressed stone and marble, either part of an early older property demolished to make room to build the 1930’s houses on the site or a builder once owned the house and brought his work home?? I guess we will never know but it does make a good habitat for insects, so its all good and I bet plenty of slugs that will love my Kale.

The path is not rocket science I simply arranged the broken flag stones straight on the ground with minimal levelling and brushed the soil between the gaps. The intention is that grass, weeds, and wildflowers will perhaps take hold.

I have yet to dig over the long flower bed along the fence, but first need to investigate the fence posts as it looks like the builders when they installed them, perhaps never concreted them correctly causing them to lean into the garden and has only got worse since we have had the gales this winter. So a bit more digging is required. Also no great rush regarding flowers as the sun is not so high yet and the fence throws a shadow on this part of the garden. The photo of the garden was taken at midday and also shows that the other flower beds at this time of year are in shadow for the first half of the day and it will be a few weeks before they start to get good sunlight but will have to cope with some shade during the day.


I have sown some seeds in the two front flower beds and made up a crazy mix of seeds including a cheap seed box with over 10,000 bee and butterfly friendly seeds and added to that seeds that I have collected over the years. Some wildflower seeds, a packet of seeds for seed bombs I did one year, daisy seeds, cornflower seeds, some phacelia seeds and finaly after they were spread and raked over I planted a few borage seeds close to the low wall. I dont know what is going to take or come up, but it may be an interesting mix.

I have still got to sort out the paths round the beds but think I have plenty of time to work on them as right now planting is the priority. Also still got to fight my way down to the bottom of the garden.

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2 Responses to Garden project update

  1. Emily Heath says:

    Looking good Tom. Don was asking if anyone knew of a good source of horse manure the other day. I have a packet of wildflower seeds I haven’t got anywhere to plant, could give you those if you like?

  2. thomas73640 says:

    Thanks Emily hold onto the seeds for now as we could try them at the new apiary providing we get the green light. It may be a bit shady with the apple tree but with luck we must have a patch that catches the sun most of the day.

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