Labels Jars and Honey For Sale

With all this honey, I need to think about selling it. So this year I decided to experiment with some different types of jar other than the popular hexagonal and see what designs of label I could come up with.

It’s interesting what you can do with a laptop and a printer. Actually a new shiny laser printer that gives me nice sharp results and can print clear labels.

After playing around with ideas I am reasonably close to where I want to be regarding labels although some days I have a complete change of mind and go off in a tangent but that’s the advantage of doing your own labels.

Honey on boat hatch

I am happy with the back label including all the legal requirements, a bit of information about the honey and crystallization. The sketched logo of narrowboat and a couple of hives. It took me a few goes to get it right so when reduced to a small image it does not look blurred.


The idea of the logo and link to the blog came from my beekeeping friend and close neighbour Sara Ward at Hen Corner. Front labels overall are just nice simple black and white either white or the crystal clear as I wanted to try them this year


I rather like the simple tag label and have produced a small white label for the back with To and From so it can be a gift tag or one with the legal stuff. It could be argued they don’t comply to regulations but I have seen similar in shops so perhaps they are ok either way I like them and look nice on the curved jar and perhaps great as gifts.


I also made ten of the scaled WBC hives that double up as boxes as the roof comes off. A jar of honey placed inside could be a wonderful gift, miniature hive and jar of honey with the added advantage the hive becomes a nice trinket box.

So to me selling some honey, I have managed a few jars to the regular friends also placed this sign on the front gate of my good old friend Gus’s house in Brentford.


As I have bees on land run by Cultivate London in Brentford I have teamed up with them to supply them honey so they can sell it through the Brentford Farmers Market and was happy to produce a label showing their logo.

Cultivate London’s label with all the legal requirements on the side of the label

I would like to do a market or fair this year but as it’s not exactly me I will have to push myself to do one, it will be good experience and I may just enjoy it.

If anyone is interested in any of the honey then please feel free to contact me either message the blog or use the contact form below.

I have honeys available from a number of locations, Brentford, Hounslow, Feltham, Perivale, Hanwell, unfortunately not Ealing this year but next all been well. You can read about each site and the bees on my visit the apiaries page.

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