National Honey Show

A week late but went to the National Honey Show last week and an excellent show this year with a noticeable increase in entries over last year including my three, a single jar of honey, a bottle of dry mead and a frame ready for extraction.

honey show frame ect new

That’s the handsome three, photographed on the back of my narrowboat after returning from the show. The green star on the frame of honey is for third prize, way to go girls. A good frame like that is a thing of beauty and is staying on the boat throughout the winter so I can sit and look at it and in time may go back to the bees or become some nice chunk or cut comb honey.

The show has grown on me over the years when I first went I found it not that great but over the years and especially as I have started to enter find it great fun. Last year I managed a 2nd place with a bottle of mead and was hoping for similar this but no 😦 but have plans for next year with a melomel and a metheglin not forgetting my nice mid dry mead.

For those that dont know melomel is flavoured mead with a fruit juice and  metheglin is a mead flavored with a spice. I have gone with elderflower for the methoglin and elderberry for the melomel.  In time and the dark long winter months, I intend posting my methods of making mead and my simple wines.

I also plan to enter more honey classes and perhaps something that I can fall back on with my woodworking skills.

Its not all about entering honey ect at the National Honey Show they have a big lecture and workshop schedule over the three days and a big trade hall with a big variety of suppliers trying to sell stuff and other people just trying to promote  their organisation ect.

I would recommend you check it out and enter if possible and it’s not restricted to the UK as there are a number of international classes. It is however possible to catch up with the lectures if you cannt attend as they have been filmed and recorded, the first time last year and again this with the videos are available on good old youtube. I understand this year’s videos will be available in a few weeks but all of last year’s are available.


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8 Responses to National Honey Show

  1. hencorner says:

    A great post, Thomas, I love the picture of your entries on your boat!

    • thomas73640 says:

      Thanks Sara. It’s never a bad photo from Brentford marina. There’s a lovely mural been spray painted under the overhanging sheds at the moment and very nice it is to.

  2. The Apiarist says:

    I went to the NHS last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Being smaller than the spring jamboree it’s a bit less intense (with the exception of the competition) and there’s more time to chat with people. I struggle to prepare competition-quality single or paired jars and so was particularly impressed with the entries involving 24 jars of spotless, sparkling clear honey. There’s a lot to learn. Congratulations on being placed with the frame for extraction. My mead for next year is currently maturing …

    • thomas73640 says:

      I agree the 24 jars look impressive and perhaps one day. It would be good to talk to someone who enters in this class to gain some useful tips. I find that I am getting more interested in entering and have just gone through my assorted 1lb jars approx 20 I have around the place and somehow managed to get five pairs with matching numbers so all set for a few more entries next year. I wonder if in the 24 jar class do all the numbers match?

  3. edbka says:

    Reblogged this on Ealing and District Beekeepers Association and commented:
    Miss this year’s National Honey Show? Catch up on the atmosphere and events with an excellent write-up by Ealing member Thomas Bickerdike.

  4. edbka says:

    Fantastic write-up of this year’s National Honey Show, Thomas. I’ve reflagged it on Ealing beekeepers’ website for all members to enjoy (Emma here).

    • thomas73640 says:

      Thanks Emma. Phew think I got way with that as got you and Emily mixed up and managed to work out how to alter this reply. I think you should enter next year and from my observations photography is way under represented and you take wonderful photos. If you check out the photos on the National Honey Show’s website of the photo entries you will see its not all about a perfect picture of a bee ect but could easily be about a group of beekeepers eating homemade cake and drinking tea and something Ealing beekeepers are good at.

      • He he! Emily and I are frequently confused, luckily I think we both like confusing people 😉

        With so many Ealing members blogging, the website’s a good way to collectively curate interesting bees news and content for Ealing’s bee community.

        Yes, I’m focusing more on my photography next year so perhaps will enter, thanks 🙂

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