Tabletop Sales

Have wanted to update my blog for a few weeks but due to laptop and boat electrical problems is been a bit difficult.

So following my wish to do a market or similar this year I actually managed to do three small tabletop sales with two of the displays photographed below. They went well and definitely gave me a taste to do more next year.

Table sale 1

It was nice meeting and talking to the people about the honey and the bees. The sales were ok especially as they were reasonably small events community and church hall ect. Next year I may look into farmers markets and looking to compliment the stall with some other hive products and small timber craft pieces.

Table sale 2

The shelves I made were from leftover pieces of previous projects and the scaled WBC hive and my comb of honey in its display case helped draw a few people to the tables.  The scaled WBC hives have proved to be popular with four destined to be Christmas presents one has been safely delivered to the US and three have been raffled off as part of a honey based chocolate company that do chocolate exhibitions.

With the onset of winter we have managed a few nights of frost in West London only a few and despite my boats minor electrical problems I am all nice and cosy inside my well insulated narrowboat.

Frosty boat

Frosty boat at night

My wood burning stove is keeping me warm and making a good start on my log and timber pile and all I need to do is keep taking six bags of firewood to the boat every week. In time when I see the coal boat I will buy half a dozen bags of coal for when and if we get some very cold nights.

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7 Responses to Tabletop Sales

  1. Emily Scott says:

    I have a wee Christmas present for you Tom, will give it to you next time you’re down at the apiary. Glad all the sales went well for you. By the way I bumped into Simon at the allotment and mentioned about wanting to plant wild flowers on our plot, he said you’d asked him the same question. He has lots of seeds he can give us in exchange for some honey. He said February would be a good time to plant them and to email him then.

    • thomas73640 says:

      Thanks Emily and looking forward to sawing the wild flower seeds. we will have a bit of digging to do come February and could be perfect to work off all that Christmas pudding. I like the idea of bartering with honey and if Simon wants to wait he can have the first jar next year.
      Have a lovely Christmas

  2. Your post was worth the wait through frost and fogs, Thomas. Beautiful pictures and words of the honeys and life on the river. I’ll look forward to more next year, Merry Christmas! Emma

  3. Heather says:

    Like the look of your jars of honey very professional looking – they would tempt me to buy!

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