A carpet of crocuses honeybee heaven

Just a short post this time but worth it especially if you happen to be a bee or beekeeper within flying distance to Kew Gardens at this important time of year.

I made a visit to Kew today returning some super frames to our beekeeping store that I had in my workshop from last year. So after putting the frames in the store I walked round to the hives and they were in full sun and the activity was very noticeable from a good distance away. On closer inspection the buzzing from the bees was a very welcome sound and the amount of pollen entering the hives very impressive. The bees were working something very hard.

So as it was a lovely spring day I thought I may as well go and have a walk round and see what is getting the bees all excited and I didn’t have to go far.





Crocuses are one of the best early pollen crops for bees and providing the bees can work them it gives the bees much needed early pollen to boost the colonies reserves of pollen and increasing brood rearing and to have so many literally carpeting the ground it is great and easy for the bees on lovely spring days like today.  The bees were not the only ones benefiting as I also spotted a couple of early queen bumble bees working them to.

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2 Responses to A carpet of crocuses honeybee heaven

  1. hencorner says:

    Absolutely agree Thomas, I was there last week and was amazed by the carpets of crocuses… I hope my girls have braved the river to find them!

    • Hope so Sara the hive I have in the garden at Brentford are very busy with lots of pollen on good days and flying straight t wards Kew. Someone told me that bees may be reluctant to cross water but also cleaver enough to use bridges so if we are ever on Kew Bridge look up you never know it could be rather busy.

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