Beekeeping tool box

Every beekeeper  will have a tool box or some sort of bag to carry much needed equipment around with you when visiting apiaries and inspecting hives and it’s all the more important if you have out apiaries.

So for a few years I struggled and became increasingly frustrated with a good old plastic bag and nearly every time I wanted something I had to rummage through the pile of stuff at the bottom and regularly found my crown of thorns first (ouch) so it was a good day when a beekeeper collecting some hives and equipment showed me his tool box that just so happened to be a light weight nuc that he said was an old travel box he adapted but was also handy in an emergency and got me thinking on a similar idea.

A couple of hours scribbling on a piece of timber and I came up with my take on the multifunctional beekeepers tool box.


Very simply it’s a light weight five frame 14×12 nuc with removable tray but also leaving room for a spare frame and dummy board. The outside has two hooks one for the smoker and a 2nd for a small water spray bottle.  The carrying strap is simply an old strap from an old sports bag and works a treat.

The construction is very simple and makes the box very light when empty. It is simply constructed from 7mm ply and stapled together it is strengthened in the corners with triangular glue blocks. The glue blocks are the key to the strength of the box and it has needed to be as I have sat on it a number of times especially in some welcome shade trying to work out what they are up to this time. It has a hole cut in the bottom and a piece of mesh fixed over the hole for some ventilation if needed. The outside is finished off with a simple hole to act as an entrance if ever required and a roof.

It can be use it to collect a swarm or create an emergency nuc and holds a surprising amount of useful equipment inside.



Marking pens, Tweezers, Matches, Lighters, Secateurs, Goose feather, Penknives, Serrated  kitchen knife, Screwdriver, Pencil, Elastic bands, Uncapping fork, Hive tools, Magnifying glass, Crown of thorns, Drawing pins  and some insect creams.

Lower box

Gaffer tape, Rope, Soda crystals, Straps, Plastic bags for bee samples, Newspaper, Foam entrance blocks, Bag of smoker fuel, Disposable gloves, Marigold gloves, Bits of cardboard, Piece of mesh, Container for wax scrapings, Scrap of ply, Spare frame, Not this time but room for a dummy board. Also missing a bag of plastic ends and will be the one thing I will need on the next inspection.

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6 Responses to Beekeeping tool box

  1. The Apiarist says:

    Ha! I have a draft on ‘The bee bag’ which covers similar territory with (some) different contents, a solution to the blood loss from the crown of thorn(e’)s lurking at the bottom but overall far, far less style … (hint, ‘everlasting carrier’ from your favourite supermarket). A neat solution … I’m envious. Cheers, David

  2. Emily Scott says:

    Very nice! One for the newsletter.

  3. Su Caulton says:

    Brilliant idea, may just copy it if that’s ok?

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