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A new honey warming cabinet

I was fortunate a couple of months ago to find this mobile catering cool box on a pile of rubbish destined for the tip or recycling. I checked it over and immediately thought, that could easily be turned into a … Continue reading

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Four years and still counting

Don’t let that faint green mark on this queen fool you as she is actually a yellow queen and therefore four years old. It’s a good age but by no means exceptional but it’s the journey myself and this queen … Continue reading

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Bait hive success 2016

  Wow a great result and real thrill to be at the garden at Brentford just as a swarm arrived and moved into a bait hive I set up just that very morning. Standing in the centre of thousands of … Continue reading

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Solar Wax Extractor

  It’s been two years in the planning but finally got around to building a fancy solar wax extractor based on an old wheelbarrow. Solar wax extractors don’t need to be fancy and a piece of glass over an insulated … Continue reading

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Let’s remove the word feral from beekeeping

Approximately two and a half years and 41 posts and it’s my first rant so please just bear with me. One word I would like to remove from beekeeping is the term feral when used to describe colonies or nest … Continue reading

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Warming honey

With increasing regular customers I am having to develop a system of efficiently warming honey in 30lb honey buckets so it can be fine filtered and jared when needed. It’s a natural process for honey to crystallise with sugar crystals … Continue reading

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Apiary revue 2015

As we have moved into a new year and 2016 has just started it’s a good time to reflect back on the past season and take a walk through the memories of each apiary. Brentford With new hive stands constructed … Continue reading

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