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Bait hive success 2016

  Wow a great result and real thrill to be at the garden at Brentford just as a swarm arrived and moved into a bait hive I set up just that very morning. Standing in the centre of thousands of … Continue reading

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Solar Wax Extractor

  It’s been two years in the planning but finally got around to building a fancy solar wax extractor based on an old wheelbarrow. Solar wax extractors don’t need to be fancy and a piece of glass over an insulated … Continue reading

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Warming honey

With increasing regular customers I am having to develop a system of efficiently warming honey in 30lb honey buckets so it can be fine filtered and jared when needed. It’s a natural process for honey to crystallise with sugar crystals … Continue reading

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Spoon carving update

The spoon carving has been progressing nicely and have found time to carve in spurts when the mood takes and in that time I have been concentrating on styles, forms and improved techniques. I have two great beekeeping friends and … Continue reading

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Dead hive autopsy

Unfortunately I have suffered my first winter losses in seven years with three hives although one was not dead but had a drone laying queen and a reasonable amount of bees left inside. This came as a bit of disappointment … Continue reading

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National Honey Show

A week late but went to the National Honey Show last week and an excellent show this year with a noticeable increase in entries over last year including my three, a single jar of honey, a bottle of dry mead … Continue reading

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Harvest Time

It is surprising how the time flies, I removed the last of the supers that I wanted for honey eight weeks ago and extracted half of them but still have eleven to do and it is getting late. I am … Continue reading

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