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Warming honey

With increasing regular customers I am having to develop a system of efficiently warming honey in 30lb honey buckets so it can be fine filtered and jared when needed. It’s a natural process for honey to crystallise with sugar crystals … Continue reading

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Honey harvest 2015

Way behind with updating the blog and not helped with a laptop break down with a long repair and eventually the manufacturas admitting defeat and refunding me my money. So with new laptop it’s time to catch up on back … Continue reading

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Labels Jars and Honey For Sale

With all this honey, I need to think about selling it. So this year I decided to experiment with some different types of jar other than the popular hexagonal and see what designs of label I could come up with. It’s … Continue reading

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Harvest Time

It is surprising how the time flies, I removed the last of the supers that I wanted for honey eight weeks ago and extracted half of them but still have eleven to do and it is getting late. I am … Continue reading

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Converting a TBH back into a national framed hive

This was my plan, but the bees have other ideas. As I only wanted the one TBH and currently have two or do I count the small split from my large TBH and currently very happy living in one end … Continue reading

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Simple honey warming cabinet

If your honey is anything like my honey it will be starting to crystallize about now and although crystallization in honey is a natural process can result in hard gritty honey with large crystals that resemble sugar crystals. Last year … Continue reading

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