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Four years and still counting

Don’t let that faint green mark on this queen fool you as she is actually a yellow queen and therefore four years old. It’s a good age but by no means exceptional but it’s the journey myself and this queen … Continue reading

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Converting a TBH back into a national framed hive

This was my plan, but the bees have other ideas. As I only wanted the one TBH and currently have two or do I count the small split from my large TBH and currently very happy living in one end … Continue reading

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Top Bar Hive frames

As I borrowed the good bits from TBH’s and went foundationless in my framed hives a few years ago and have never looked back since, I thought on a slack day at work and a pile of off cuts talking … Continue reading

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Non conventional artificial swarming of a TBH

So following one of my regular inspections on my TBH it was obvious that the bees had decided that swarm preparations was the order of the day and had started to build swarm cells. This was a bit of a … Continue reading

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